Wild Gunman NES Entertainment System Reproduction Box And Manual


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Step into the Wild West with Wild Gunman for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)! Set in the dusty frontier towns of the Old West, this light gun shooter puts you in the boots of a sharpshooting gunslinger tasked with taking down outlaws and bandits. Using the NES Zapper accessory, you'll test your reflexes and accuracy as you draw and fire against various enemies in quick-draw duels and showdowns. With its challenging gameplay and iconic 8-bit graphics, Wild Gunman delivers an authentic Western experience. Our reproduction box and manual faithfully recreate the original packaging and instructions, allowing collectors to own a piece of gaming history. Whether you're a seasoned gunslinger or a newcomer to the NES library, Wild Gunman promises hours of thrilling shoot-out action. Don't miss out on the chance to add this classic title to your collection!